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it's raining, where is spring?


気分が春めいてきたら e. e. cummings を採り上げようかなと思っていますが、Emily Dicinson をまだ引きずっています。

         Who never lost, are unprepared


WHO never lost, are unprepared
A coronet to find;
Who never thirsted, flagons
And cooling tamarind.

Who never climbed the weary league—
Can such a foot explore
The purple territories
On Pizarro’s shore?

How many legions overcome?
The emperor will say.
How many colors taken
On Revolution Day?

How many bullets bearest?
The royal scar hast thou?
Angels, write “Promoted”
On this soldier’s brow!


Gary Snyder の詩です。


Those are the people who do complicated things.

they'll grab us by the thousands
and put us to work.

World's going to hell, with all these
villages and trails.
Wild duck flocks aren't
what they used to be.
Aurochs grow rare.

Fetch me my feathers and amber


A small cricket
on the typescript page of
"Kyoto born in spring song"
grooms himself
in time with The Well-Tempered Clavier.
I quit typing and watch him through a glass.
How well articulated! How neat!

Nobody understands the ANIMAL KINGDOM.


When creeks are full
The poems flow
When creeks are down
We heap stones.

by nk24mdwst | 2008-03-24 09:56 | Poetry


今日は、Emily Dickinson はお休みで Gary Snyder です。

      Hiking in the Totsugawa Gorge



a waterfall


      The Snow on Saddle Mountain

The only thing that can be relied on
is the snow on Kurakake Mountain.
fields and woods
thawing, freezing, and thawing,
totally untrustworthy.
it's true, a great fuzzy windstorm
like yeast up there today, still
the only faint source of hope
is the snow on Kurakake mountain.





「(略)地域ブランドと地域ブレンド」(中谷 健太郎)という文章の中にも出てきます。「宇吉郎伯父は北海道から東京を中心に、巳次郎は別府から由布院へ。その巳次郎の末弟・直吉の家系が同じ由布院で旅館「玉の湯」を拓き、療養していた治宇二郎の次女・山下恭子も由布院に住んでおります。むろんこの地・片山津には中谷宇平様ご一統や多くの親戚、ご縁の方が居られ、宇吉郎の家系はアメリカと東京に分かれ住み(略)」http://www.city.kaga.ishikawa.jp/yuki/comm/pdf/kantushin/no12.pdf




           December at Yase

You said, that October,
In the tall dry grass by the orchard
When you chose to be free,
"Again someday, maybe ten years."
After college I saw you
One time. You were strange.
And I was obsessed with a plan.
Now ten years and more have
Gone by: I've always known
where you were --
I might have gone to you
Hoping to win your love back.
You still are single.
I didn't.
I thought I must make it alone. I
Have done that.
Only in dream, like this dawn,
Does the grave, awed intensity
Of our young love
Return to my mind, to my flesh.
We had what the others
All crave and seek for
We left it behind at nineteen
I feel ancient, as though I had
Lived many lives.
And may never now know
If I am a fool
Or have done what my
karma demands.


by nk24mdwst | 2008-03-19 13:55 | Poetry

where am i?


Emily Dickinson の心の中か・・・

       AFRAID? Of whom am I afraid?


AFRAID? Of whom am I afraid?
Not death; for who is he?
The porter of my father’s lodge
As much abasheth me.

Of life? ‘T were odd I fear a thing
That comprehendeth me
In one or more existences
At Deity’s decree.

Of resurrection? Is the east
Afraid to trust the morn
With her fastidious forehead?
As soon impeach my crown!


Separate your body from your mind. なんて歌声が聞こえてきました。Warren Haynes と Les Claypool が歌ってます。

Gary Snyder です。


     Beat-up datsun idling in the road
     shreds of fog
     almost-vertical hillsides drop away
     huge stumps fading into mist
     soft warm rain

Snaggy, forked and spreading tops, a temperate cloud-forest tree

     Chamaecyparis formosiana--
     Taiwan hinoki,
     hung-kuai red cypress

That the tribal people call kisiabaton

     this rare old tree
     is what we came to see.


Are you hung up?
I'm hung up.
I'm thru.

I'm not comin' back here again.

Where shall I be?

by nk24mdwst | 2008-03-17 09:02 | Poetry

Do you have any Number, which I have some?

Emily Dickinson の Complete Poems (1924)の一連の詩を今日も。

       THE SOUL selects her own society


THE SOUL selects her own society,
Then shuts the door;
On her divine majority
Obtrude no more.

Unmoved, she notes the chariot’s pausing
At her low gate;
Unmoved, an emperor is kneeling
Upon her mat.

I ’ve known her from an ample nation
Choose one;
Then close the valves of her attention
Like stone.


      SOME things that fly there be


SOME things that fly there be,—
Birds, hours, the bumble-bee:
Of these no elegy.

Some things that stay there be,—
Grief, hills, eternity:
Nor this behooveth me.

There are, that resting, rise.
Can I expound the skies?
How still the riddle lies!

How still the riddle lies? か。

Gary Snyder は、ずっと率直に見えますが・・・

        Old Bones

Out there walking round, looking out for food,
a rootstock, a birdcall, a seed that you can crack
plucking, digging, snaring, snagging,
barely getting by,

no food out there on dusty slopes of scree—
carry some—look for some,
go for a hungry dream.
Deer bone, Dall sheep,
bones hunger home.

Out there somewhere
a shrine for the old ones,
the dust of the old bones,
old songs and tales.

What we ate—who ate what—
how we all prevailed.





by nk24mdwst | 2008-03-16 11:40 | Poetry

a village, a hotel, or a concentration camp

The Prisoner の the Village のシーンは現実に存在するあるホテルで撮影されました。
ホテルといえば、思い出すのがHotel California でしょうか・・・

Emily Dickinson です。

      MUCH madness is divinest sense


MUCH madness is divinest sense
To a discerning eye;
Much sense the starkest madness.
’T is the majority
In this, as all, prevails.
Assent, and you are sane;
Demur,—you ’re straightway dangerous,
And handled with a chain.

      I ASKED no other thing


I ASKED no other thing,
No other was denied.
I offered Being for it;
The mighty merchant smiled.

Brazil? He twirled a button,
Without a glance my way:
“But, madam, is there nothing else
That we can show to-day?”

外国といってもブラジルですが 中国の文化を学んだ Gary Snyder の詩です。

      Axe Handles

One afternoon the last week in April
Showing Kai how to throw a hatchet
One-half turn and it sticks in a stump.
He recalls the hatchet-head
Without a handle, in the shop
And go gets it, and wants it for his own
A broken off axe handle behind the door
Is long enough for a hatchet,
We cut it to length and take it
With the hatchet head
And working hatchet, to the wood block.
There I begin to shape the old handle
With the hatchet, and the phrase
First learned from Ezra Pound
Rings in my ears!
"When making an axe handle
the pattern is not far off."
And I say this to Kai
"Look: We'll shape the handle
By checking the handle
Of the axe we cut with--"
And he sees. And I hear it again:
It's in Lu Ji's Wen Fu, fourth century
A.D. "Essay on Literature" -- in the
Preface: "In making the handle
Of an axe
By cutting wood with an axe
The model is indeed near at hand."
My teacher Shih-hsiang Chen
Translated that and taught it years ago
And I see Pound was an axe
Chen was an axe, I am an axe
And my son a handle, soon
To be shaping again, model
And tool, craft of culture,
How we go on.


Warren Haynes 聞きながら仕事しています。見てくれと正反対の繊細さを感じます。
by nk24mdwst | 2008-03-15 10:05 | Poetry

Are they numbers?


Emily Dickinson を読んで、締切り間際の仕事に戻る・・・毎年の繰り返し、ルーティン故の退屈、慣れ、判断誤り・・・眼が疲れました。

       THE HEART asks pleasure first


THE HEART asks pleasure first,
And then, excuse from pain;
And then, those little anodynes
That deaden suffering;

And then, to go to sleep;
And then, if it should be
The will of its Inquisitor,
The liberty to die.

Gary Snyder は共感できます。

       On Top

All this new stuff goes on top
turn it over, turn it over
wait and water down
from the dark bottom
turn it inside out
let it spread through
Sift down even.
Watch it sprout.

A mind like compost.
by nk24mdwst | 2008-03-14 10:00 | Poetry

Is he or she a number?

Emily Dickinson は、若いときに読んで、最初から全くぴんと来なくて、というか、難しくて敬遠していました。

本当は、Anne Sexton, Sylvia Plath へと向かう予定だったのですけれど。
いまは、全く良いと思わないのですが、Allen Ginsberg の Howl も繰り返し読んでいたのです。

       SOUL, wilt thou toss again


SOUL, wilt thou toss again?
By just such a hazard
Hundreds have lost, indeed,
But tens have won an all.

Angels’ breathless ballot
Lingers to record thee;
Imps in eager caucus
Raffle for my soul.


Gary Snyder です。

      How Poetry Comes to Me

It comes blundering over the
Boulders at night, it stays
Frightened outside the
Range of my campfire
I go to meet it at the
Edge of the light





1970年前後のものまでは、聞き流せます。200 Motels あたりが境目で、聞き流せない。真剣に聞いているつもりはないのだけど、頭が疲れます。Uncle Meat のおしゃべりやFillmore Live の寸劇は、笑って聞き流せるのですが。
by nk24mdwst | 2008-03-13 09:06 | Poetry

Zoot Allure

Gary Snyder の詩です。

思うに、ずっとビート世代の詩人を取り上げてきているような気がしますが、Allen Ginsberg は、まだです。ギンズバーグは、好きじゃないということが解ってきました。
ギンズバーグとElvis Presley を併せたアメリカン・ヒーローを目指したのが、Bob Dylan で、彼がプロテスト・フォークをグリニッチ・ヴィレッジのカフェでやりだしたのは、それが、流行だったからでしょう。

        After Work

The shack and a few trees
float in the blowing fog
I pull out your blouse,
warm my cold hands
on your breasts.
you laugh and shudder
peeling garlic by the
hot iron stove.
bring in the axe, the rake,
the wood
we'll lean on the wall
against each other
stew simmering on the fire
as it grows dark
drinking wine.

       A Walk

Sunday the only day we don't work:
Mules farting around the meadow,
Murphy fishing,
The tent flaps in the warm
Early sun: I've eaten breakfast and I'll
Take a walk
To Benson Lake. Packed a lunch,
Goodbye. Hopping on creekbed boulders
Up the rock throat three miles
Puite Creek --
In steep gorge glacier-slick rattlesnake country
Jump, land by a pool, trout skitter,
The clear sky. Deer tracks.
Bad place by a falls, boulders big as houses,
Lunch tied to belt,
I stemmed up a crack and almost fell
But rolled out safe on a ledge
and ambled on.
Quail chicks freeze underfoot, color of stone
Then run cheep! away, hen quail fussing.
Craggy west end of Benson Lake -- after edging
Past dark creek pools on a long white slope --
Lookt down in the ice-black lake
lined with cliff
From far above: deep shimmering trout.
A lone duck in a gunsightpass
steep side hill
Through slide-aspen and talus, to the east end,
Down to grass, wading a wide smooth stream
Into camp. At last.
By the rusty three-year-
Ago left-behind cookstove
Of the old trail crew,
Stoppt and swam and ate my lunch.

ギンズバーグやディランじゃなくて、Fred Neil をちゃんと取り上げてみたいのですが。

Jimi Hendrix は、Eric Clapton なんかよりはるかにギタリスト、シンガー、作曲家、レコーディン・アーティスト、ライブ演奏者としてすぐれていたのは、言うまでもないことです。しかし、あふれる才能を持つ彼にとってもあまりに抱えている矛盾、つまり、ロック大衆のイメージと自身との落差は、大きすぎ、プレッシャーに押しつぶされたのでしょう。

ジミ・ヘンドリクスは、Clapton is the God. と1965年以前に言われていたロンドンに1966年に登場。クラプトンは、直ぐに敗北を認識、失意の日々。
Watcht Tower(ディランの曲ともう一つ別の宗教的意味も含めて)、ディラン、ヘンドリクスをつなげて考えてみることが必要かな・・・

Electric Ladyland に収録されているジミ・ヘンドリックスのAll Along The Watch Tower の12弦ギターは、Dave Mason ですが、当時まだ Rolling Stones にいた Brian Jones も一応参加しているようです。
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