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things like this should've been stopped

Hubert Wilson のいうコネチカット・ヤンキー、それもまがい物のカウボーイ・ブーツを履いた、というのは、だれかな。

    A Connecticut Yankee in Pseudo Cowboy Boots

Head 'em up - Move 'em out?
Exactly what's all this about?
Lookin' to ride herd?
Lamely givin' the 'word'?

Boots and saddles?
Eagerly never 'this' issue straddles?
No mavericks allowed?
Totally cowed?

Fightin' for right?
Or, just might?
Really a straight shooter?

Simply a looter?
This W prime?
Ultimate 'cowboy up' time?
Putz -
Incredibly nuts -
Deciderin' to give 'evil doers' their own tax cuts!

Does he wear ridin', walkin' - or just B.S.in' boots after spendin' way too much of his youth at Pinkie's and Ciudad Acuna 'Boys' Town' back rooms?

Fred Neil のアルバムが復活なぞいたしまして。

Benjamin Jonson といきなり時代は遡り

     To Lucy, Countess of Bedford, with John Donne's Satires

Lucy, you brightness of our sphere, who are
Life of the Muses' day, their morning star!
If works, not th' author's, their own grace should look,
Whose poems would not wish to be your book?
But these, desir'd by you, the maker's ends
Crown with their own. Rare poems ask rare friends.
Yet satires, since the most of mankind be
Their unavoided subject, fewest see;
For none e'er took that pleasure in sin's sense
But, when they heard it tax'd, took more offence.
They, then, that living where the matter is bred,
Dare for these poems, yet, both ask and read
And like them too, must needfully, though few,
Be of the best; and 'mongst those best are you,
Lucy, you brightness of our sphere, who are
The Muses' evening, as their morning star.


Bonnie Cote が、ウォル・マートに噛み付いています。最大級の悪口ですね。

     Satan Says Go

Hail Satan

oh, yes, dear Wal-Mart, deliver me from small business,
please give me cheap goods (subsidized by my tax money)
and destroy our local economy
dear Wal-Mart,
thank you for showing your employees
how to apply for food stamps and state health aid,
instead of providing fair wages and benefits,
dear Wal-Mart,
thank you for encouraging illegal immigration
by hiring illegals to clean the stores at night.
dear Wal-Mart,
thank you for luring us into your retail heaven,
where instead of purchasing just the hamper that
i have come for,
i will now purchase 10 other unneeded things,
because they are on SALE
dear Wal-Mart,
thank you for providing me
with inexpensive toys for christmas presents
from China,
where people do not believe in God
and sweat and toil for 15 hours a day
to make less than minimum wage
in unsafe factories

私は、日本人で、八百万の神と仏さんを信ずるご先祖教というべき浄土真宗門徒なので、God の存在を理解することはできません。




The Clash は、アルバムよりたくさん本が書かれているのだそうです。Punk Deluxeというクラッシュ本の評です。
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ankle beat

Delmore Schwartz の詩は、初めてでしょうか。

     For The One Who Would Take Man's Life In His Hands

Tiger Christ unsheathed his sword,
Threw it down, became a lamb.
Swift spat upon the species, but
Took two women to his heart.
Samson who was strong as death
Paid his strength to kiss a slut.
Othello that stiff warrior
Was broken by a woman's heart.
Troy burned for a sea-tax, also for
Possession of a charming whore.
What do all examples show?
What must the finished murderer know?

You cannot sit on bayonets,
Nor can you eat among the dead.
When all are killed, you are alone,
A vacuum comes where hate has fed.
Murder's fruit is silent stone,
The gun increases poverty.
With what do these examples shine?
The soldier turned to girls and wine.
Love is the tact of every good,
The only warmth, the only peace.

"What have I said?" asked Socrates.
"Affirmed extremes, cried yes and no,
Taken all parts, denied myself,
Praised the caress, extolled the blow,
Soldier and lover quite deranged
Until their motions are exchanged.
-What do all examples show?
What can any actor know?
The contradiction in every act,
The infinite task of the human heart."


Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. が我らが文明を維持するために租税が支払われるものなりといったときのアメリカは、福祉国家であったか。裸の資本主義精神を体現する資本家が南北アメリカの権益を手にし、さらに、カリブ海やフィリピンにまで手を伸ばしていたのではないですか?









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insomnia vivace

今シーズンの税金の詩をその日で終わらせるつもりだったのが、amnesia のせいで・・・

David Keig

      An Accountant's Lament

    (To the tune of 'I dreamed I saw St Augustine' by Dylan)

I dreamed i saw a balance sheet
along with p and l's
i dreamed i saw those figures creep
and debts begin to swell
for i'd counselled and i'd counselled them
to put some cash aside
but now the taxman's at the door
and our fiscal eggs are fried.

I say to all you businessmen
and i ask you listen well
no matter how good business is
and how many goods you sell
don't just look at the bottom line
cast an eye on bank accounts
for the taxman is relentless
in pursuing his amounts.

I guess you think i'm boring you
with conservative advice
i guess you think my sense of fun
is just adding numbers twice
so i'd ask you to remember this
when tax time comes around
its in those boring balance sheets
that real success is found.

David Keig は、真実をついてます。

しかし、一般の経営者という人種は、P/Lのbottom line(当期純利益)にだけ興味を持つのですが、それでは、税金は払えません。





      It Must Be Halloween!

With ruby eyes that glow in the dark,
Something walks, shrouded in mist.
Do you hear it? Listen! Hark!
Bones that rattle, teeth that clatter,
It must be Halloween!

Cats that yowl, dogs that howl,
Spiders that sit in webs too big!
A translucent figure floats by with a scowl.
Hear the horse's hooves? Yet there is no horse!
It must be Halloween!

Legislators increase our tax,
Then talk about cutting deductions back!
They vote themselves a hefty raise
and send out a fax: Time for our break.
Later, we'll give Social Security a whack!
It must be Halloween!

Mary Naylor のこの詩は、政治家、日本の場合は財務省の官僚システムとその意向を汲んだ政府税調という虚構が持ち出す、福祉と負担の論理が正しいかどうかを検証することが必要だと読み取っていただければと。

エーット、昨日の夜は、King Crimson のハイデルベルクの1974年のライブを聞いてました。
Robert Fripp が非常に丁寧に感謝の意を述べた後、四文字言葉を使って一部の不埒な客をののしった(それも声を荒げず)ところで寝てしまいました。




KCとMothers ないし、FZのバンドはともにキャリアが長いわけですが、バンドの区切りとしてはドラマー、ベーシストが誰かということで時期を区別するのが適切かなと最近感じます。

KCは、①Micahel Giles & Greg Lake 途中もたもたして ②Ian Wallace & Boz Barrell そして③Bill Brudford & John Wetton となり一旦、バンド解散。
80年代になり、④Brufford & Tony Levin で復活、また色々あって現在にいたる。現在のメンバーは名前を記すに値しない?!



当時のライブというと、音が悪いので悪評紛々のEearthbound は、いいアルバムだと思っています。同時期のLadies Of The Road も優れたものだと。


KC①でIan McDonald & Giles が提示したアイディアを後の二作でやって行き詰まり、Keith Tippett とそのバンドに助けてもらうわけです。

KC③に関する世評が高いのですが、それは、RFがコントロール不能状態になったKC②において上記の二人にMel Collins が提示しだしたアイディアを自分のもののような顔をして出してきただけなのだと言い切ってしまいます。


Adrian Belew は、FZのバンドでもう少し修行をしていれば、未だにRFのところで食い扶持稼ぎをするなんてみっともないことをしなくても済んだかもしれないのにと。
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the fluke of runes

今日は、Bobbie Gentry が流れています。

昨日の夜は、本当に疲れが出ていたのでDominos のボックスに入っているセッションの方を聞きました。Duane Allman は、登場しません。一曲目が終わるかどうかのあたりで寝ちゃいました。

EC だったらデュエイン・オールマンの歌の方がまだましと思うこと少なからず。どちらも精神衛生上好ましいかどうかは別ですが。

警句で有名なAmbrose Bierce の詩です。

      The Statesmen

How blest the land that counts among
Her sons so many good and wise,
To execute great feats of tongue
When troubles rise.

Behold them mounting every stump,
By speech our liberty to guard.
Observe their courage--see them jump,
And come down hard!

'Walk up, walk up!' each cries aloud,
'And learn from me what you must do
To turn aside the thunder cloud,
The earthquake too.

'Beware the wiles of yonder quack
Who stuffs the ears of all that pass.
I--I alone can show that black
Is white as grass.'

They shout through all the day and break
The silence of the night as well.
They'd make--I wish they'd go and make--
Of Heaven a Hell.

A advocates free silver, B
Free trade and C free banking laws.
Free board, clothes, lodging would from me
Win wamer applause.

Lo, D lifts up his voice: 'You see
The single tax on land would fall
On all alike.' More evenly
No tax at all.

'With paper money,' bellows E,
'We'll all be rich as lords.' No doubt--
And richest of the lot will be
The chap without.

As many 'cures' as addle-wits
Who know not what the ailment is!
Meanwhile the patient foams and spits
Like a gin fizz.

Alas, poor Body Politic,
Your fate is all too clearly read:
To be not altogether quick,
Nor very dead.

You take your exercise in squirms,
Your rest in fainting fits between.
'Tis plain that your disorder's worms--
Worms fat and lean.

Worm Capital, Worm Labor dwell
Within your maw and muscle's scope.
Their quarrels make your life a Hell,
Your death a hope.

God send you find not such an end
To ills however sharp and huge!
God send you convalesce! God send
You vermifuge.

stateman と politician は違うなんて教科書に書いてあってりしますがそんなものではないようですね。

アンブローズ・ビアスというと『悪魔の辞典』(The Devil's Dictionary)を思い浮かべる人が多いかもしれません。

南北戦争従軍後、西部へ移り、サン・フランシスコに落ち着き、William Randolph Hearst の the San Francisco Examiner 紙に寄稿するようになるのですね。

この詩で、再び登場するのが the single tax on land ですね。
以前、Edgar Lee Masters の' Spoon River Anthology’ にある詩を照会したときにも出てきた税金です。




例えば、アメリカにおける事業体課税を論ずる場合において、内国歳入法典に規定するC法人、S法人、LLP、LLC、trust、partnership その他のビークルを個別に検討するのはよいのですが、あくまでも連邦全体に統一的に適用されるIRCにおける存在としての性格、存在意義の検討に止まってはいけないのだと思います。












今は、Bonnie Raitt の歌声が聞こえます。

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eddie wrote a letter from missippi

Lawrence S. Pertillar は、相変わらず怒っています。

     I Didn't Think You Would

'It's not the quantity!
It is the quality you are after! '

Is that right?
Let me tell you something.
The taxes?
Aren't coming down.
And the quality of the services
My tax dollar is suppose to go toward,
Is not the best.
In fact...
They have become worse!
The quality of the utilities I pay for?
My electricity, gas and oil is great!
But you know what?
It is taking more AND more
Of my dwindling dollar to pay for them!
And lastly...
Last year when I made a SANDWICH?
I figured that sandwich 'then' cost me twenty dollars!
This year a quarter of that sandwich is costing me,
At least fourty five!
A 'wish' to 'taste' a sandwich may cost me...
The home I can no longer afford,
My car that has been repossessed.
My job that has been outsourced...
A government that has long lost interest in my welfare!
AND my health!

When the 'quantity' of my lost resources I once enjoyed,
Has been completely depleted from my bank account...
The quality of my life,
And my desire to maintain it...
Will be totally gone!
And the QUANTITY of money is going to be needed!
Very bad.
And guess what?
The quality of the once prized dollar bill...
Will be non-existent!
And 'you' will have found a new meaning,
For the quality and the quantity of words...
You will have to say to me!
Do you want to gamble your last pay check on that?

I don't think so!
I didn't think you would!

Lawrence S. Pertillar がいうのももっともです。







『富と貧困の政治学―共和党政権はアメリカをどう変えたか 』ケヴィン フィリップス ( Kevin Phillips )著は,1980年代のアメリカに何が起きたかを統計数値を用いて説得力のある分析をしています。
Wealth and Democracy: A Political History of the American Rich by Kevin Phillips 、Bad Money: Reckless Finance, Failed Politics, and the Global Crisis of American Capitalism by Kevin Phillips あたりですね。

夕べは、Jeffeson Airplane のVolunteers と Surrealistic Pillow を聞いてました。Jack Casady は、やっぱりいいなと。ヴォランティアーズは、高校時代よく聞きましたが、ちょっと散漫かな。
Fairport Convention と似ているところが思った以上にあると感じました。

あと、Jorma Kaukonen のギターですが、Bert Jansch に似ているのだと。
ただ、Buffoalo Springfield のアルバム'Again’の裏側の献辞の中にはバート・ジャンチの名前がありますから、カウコネンも存在は知っていたと思いますが。
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eddie, one of the five men

皮肉屋を通り越して、読んでて切なくなるのが Lawrence S. Pertillar です。

      If I Had Done Those Things

Love is not a test of will power.
Nor a fight kept to prove,
Who is right...
When being wrong is easy to admit.

In a lasting relationship...
The one who wins,
Is the one who forgives the quickest!
Or pretends that is being done.

And 'if' I had done those things,
When I was younger...
I may not be the happy single man I am today!
It works for me!
This single life I sought desperately.
I had to divorce myself,
From that philosophy!
When I was right?
I was.
I was not too cool about that 'I'll be wrong
For the sake of love business.'
Not me!
Sometimes one thing done,
Does not work for everyone!
But it is a great feeling to think that it could.
And the happiness I now enjoy giving advice...
Is a coverup for some deep misery,
I am suppose to feel.
And I lie about having a peace of mind,
Without being nagged all the time...
Trying to find it!
I am not trying to find anything I've got!
The only thing I miss,
Is filing joint tax returns!

愛と結婚、離婚だけなら普通の詩のテーマですが joint tax returns(夫婦合算申告)がでてくるところが彼らしい。


解釈が難しいのは、合算申告が常に有利とは限らないからですね。Marriage Penalty といわれる場合もあるわけで。離婚のコストと税金を天秤にかけているわけです。


夕べは、Buffalo Springfield を聞いてました。眠れなくなるパターンの方でした。
ABB の73年ライブを聞き始めたのですが、直ぐにこりゃ駄目だわとなり方向転換。

今日は、Bylon Berline をかけています。









消費税も一応付加価値税なので、Value Added Tax の詩を。インドにも付加価値税はあるのです。
Raj Nandy は、New Delhi に住んでいます。


The middle class Indian mind, when it begins
to unwind,
Can never really appreciate you know,
This modern concept of 'use and throw'!
The older one gets, there are many things
which appreciates, -
With value added sentiments!
Which prevents from getting discarded;
An old pen, a hat or an old watch from
being thrown out;
For like VAT, it appreciates in sentiments,
without doubt!
Even an old gown or a vest is worn,
Till it becomes frayed or torn,
Becoming totally unfit to be put on!

Now coming to relationships closer to
our heart,
A loved one, though grown old,
We do not desert or discard!
Like old King Lear to be left out in
the cold,
To get blown in the chilly winds of
ingratitude, or to roam;
Or to get imprisoned in an Old People's
For till the end, they remain our very

VAT= Value Added Tax ですね。




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eddie, a hard luck guy


       I Am Not A good Tax Payer, But by Atef Ayadi

I am not
Truly a good
Tax payer,

I have
My dignity,

I am not a good tax payer,
I can bring you
Some fresh roses from
A faraway prairie
I can help you dream,
I can make you laugh.
And sleep where you never felt a sleep.

I am not a good tax payer,
And I do not see the difference
Did you ever see a rich lover more
Safer than a poor one.


allan james saywell は、相変わらず辛らつです。


He practised artificiality
Like a Art form
Knavery, juggery, concealment
Was second nature to him
Diplomacy in his politics
His back stairs influence
He was a artfull dodger
He knew every trick of the trade
A real machiavel sly boots
Oh he was pawky, shrewd
Very acute and sharp
You have to be
To be a tax evader

Written Wednesday August 2005

tax evasion とか tax shelter などという言葉も非常に定義が難しく、ゆえに、Art form というべきものにまで昇華しているのも事実です。

The provision of the tax shelter is very vague. Even tax agencies in many countries can’t define what kind of aggressive actions should be tax shelters.

夕べは、Dead を聞いて寝ました。
今日は、Derek & The Dominos を聞いてます。まだ、Duane が登場するトラックにたどり着いてません。

フィルモア・ライヴは、ギターとリード・ヴォーカルの人がいなければ好いのにと思うほど、跡の3人は良いです。ギターの人は、マジックが消えています。Layla のときは、デュエインのリックをオーヴァー・ダブしていたのですが、忘れたのでしょう。
Jim Gordon, Carl Radle, Bobby Whitlock、特にゴードンが絶好調です。

ポリドールの国内盤だったので、ベースは聞こえない、ドラムはモコモコ、デュエイン・オールマンはWilson Pickett のHey Jude!聞いていたし、Allman Brothers Band のデヴュー盤も持っていたのですが。

5月17日の記事のところでDan Penn に触れているのですが、相方のSpooner Oldham の画がないかと思っていたらありました。
Scott Boyer & Friends として'All My Friends’をやっていて、ちらりと写ります。
Bonnie Bramlett なんかもいるのですが、Johnny Sandlin, Tommy Talton までいます。

スコット・ボイヤーとトミー・トールトンはCowboy なんていうFolk Rock のバンドを昔やっていて、そのときの’Please Be With Me’ には、旧知のデュエインが参加していています。その録音は、デュエインのアンソロジーに入ってます。

病気のボイヤーの手術費稼ぎのチャリティの趣旨のようですが、元気なところを見せています。Please Be With Me の映像もありました。

1965年に、ボイヤーは高校の仲間とバンドをトリオを組んでいますが、その一人がButch Trucks というわけです。


• 31st OF FEBRUARY Duane & Gregg Allmann を加えたクインテット
• COWBOY/Reach For the Sky、• COWBOY/5'll Getcha Ten、• COWBOY/Boyer & Talton、• COWBOY/Cowboy、•COWBOY/Best Of

• GREGG ALLMAN BAND/On Tour、• SCOTT BOYER & THE DECOYS/All My Friends、•MICROWAVE DAVE & THE NUKES/Goodnight Dear、• THE DECOYS/Shot From the Saddle、•BONNIE BRAMLETT/It's Time、• ALEX TAYLOR/With Friends & Neighbors、• ALEX TAYLOR/Dinnertime、• THE SKYBOYS/Skyboys



Steve Young 、例の7 Bridges Road の人ですが、とボイヤーはどうつながるのかな。
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eddie answered his hero was Pop S.

Ogden Nash がコロンブスに難癖をつけてます。

      Look What You Did, Christopher!

In fourteen hundred and ninety-two,
Someone sailed the ocean blue.
Somebody borrowed the fare in Spain
For a business trip on the bounding main,
And to prove to the people, by actual test,
You could get to the East by sailing West.
Somebody said, Sail on! Sail on!
And studied China and China's lingo,
And cried from the bow, There's China now!
And promptly bumped into San Domingo.
Somebody murmured, Oh dear, oh dear!
I've discovered the Western Hemisphere.

And that, you may think, my friends, was that.
But it wasn't. Not by a fireman's hat.
Well enough wasn't left alone,
And Columbus was only a cornerstone.
There came the Spaniards,
There came the Greeks,
There came the Pilgrims in leather breeks.
There came the Dutch,
And the Poles and Swedes,
The Persians, too,
And perhaps the Medes,
The Letts, the Lapps, and the Lithuanians,
Regal Russians, and ripe Roumanians.
There came the French
And there came the Finns,
And the Japanese
With their formal grins.
The Tartars came,
And the Terrible Turks -
In a word, humanity shot the works.
And the country that should have been Cathay
Decided to be
The U.S.A.

And that, you may think, my friends, was that.
But it wasn't. Not by a fireman's hat.
Christopher C. was the cornerstone,
And well enough wasn't left alone.
For those who followed
When he was through,
They burned to discover something, too.
Somebody, bored with rural scenery,
Went to work and invented machinery,
While a couple of other mental giants
Got together
And thought up Science.
Platinum blondes
(They were once peroxide),
Peruvian bonds
And carbon monoxide,
Tax evaders
And Vitamin A,
Vice crusaders,
And tattletale gray -
These, with many another phobia,
We owe to that famous Twelfth of Octobia.
O misery, misery, mumble and moan!
Someone invented the telephone,
And interrupted a nation's slumbers,
Ringing wrong but similar numbers.
Someone devised the silver screen
And the intimate Hollywood magazine,
And life is a Hades
Of clicking cameras,
And foreign ladies
Behaving amorous.
Gags have erased
Amusing dialog,
As gas has replaced
The crackling firelog.
All that glitters is sold as gold,
And our daily diet grows odder and odder,
And breakfast foods are dusty and cold -
It's a wise child
That knows its fodder.
Someone invented the automobile,
And good Americans took the wheel
To view American rivers and rills
And justly famous forests and hills -
But someone equally enterprising
Had invented billboard advertising.
You linger at home
In dark despair,
And wistfully try the electric air.
You hope against hope for a quiz imperial,
And what do they give you?
A doctor serial.
Oh, Columbus was only a cornerstone,
And well enough wasn't left alone,
For the Inquisition was less tyrannical
Than the iron rules of an age mechanical,
Which, because of an error in '92,
Are clamped like corsets on me and you,
While Children of Nature we'd be today
If San Domingo
Had been Cathay.

And that, you may think, my friends, is that.
But it isn't - not by a fireman's hat.
The American people,
With grins jocose,
Always survive the fatal dose.
And though our systems are slightly wobbly,
We'll fool the doctor this time, probly.





アメリカは、民主主義の体現者であるという幻想を身にまとい、拝金主義の現世利欲的なキリスト教原理主義国家になっちまったのはどのあたりが、分岐点(the corner stone)だったのでしょうね。



夕べは、Dead のイギリス・ライヴを聞いていたら、3曲目までにぐっすり寝てしまいました。

今日は、The Small Faces を聞いてます。
個人的には、The Who よりSteve Marriott, Ronnie Lane コンビのこっちがはるかに好きです。
どちらも小柄で、Magic Migits なんてやってましたが。晩年は、どちらも恵まれず。早世していますね。

Keith Moon の後釜ドラマーがスモール・フェイシズ(フェイシズ)のKenney Jones になったというのは因縁か当然の帰結か。1980年以後のザ・フーに興味がないので何ともいえません。


神出鬼没のJohn "Rabbit" Bundrick がMallard のセッションにも参加しているのに気づきました。Mallard のレコーディングの手配をしたのは、Jethro Tull のIan Anderson だったからでしょう。

マラードの2枚のアルバム1.Mallard(1975) と2.In A Different Climate(1976) は、現在2in1で入手可能です。
Sam Galpin: piano, vocals。こいつが、疲れたカントリー・シンガー風で、マジック・バンドの正体も知らず、バック・グラウンドが違い、なんとなく歌っている。もっとも、ハイ・テナーとかJohnny Cash のような低音でも困りますが。こんなリード・シンガーじゃ売れっこない。

Bill Harkleroad: guitar 、Mark Boston: bass、Art Tripp III: drums [1]
それに John Thomas: keyboards [2]とGeorge Draggota: drums [2]です。

これにゲストとして、 John "Rabbit" Bundrick: keyboards [1]、Barry Morgan: percussion [1]、John McFee: pedal steel guitar [2](Van Morrison のTupelo Honey, 後年Doobie Brothers)が参加。
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eddie, a grandson of a preacher

Ogden Nash の詩です。

      One From One Leaves Two

Higgledy piggledy, my black hen,
She lays eggs for gentlemen.
Gentlemen come every day
To count what my black hen doth lay.
If perchance she lays too many,
They fine my hen a pretty penny;
If perchance she fails to lay,
The gentlemen a bonus pay.

Mumbledy pumbledy, my red cow,
She’s cooperating now.
At first she didn’t understand
That milk production must be planned;
She didn’t understand at first
She either had to plan or burst,
But now the government reports
She’s giving pints instead of quarts.

Fiddle de dee, my next-door neighbors,
They are giggling at their labors.
First they plant the tiny seed,
Then they water, then they weed,
Then they hoe and prune and lop,
They they raise a record crop,
Then they laugh their sides asunder,
And plow the whole caboodle under.

Abracadabra, thus we learn
The more you create, the less you earn.
The less you earn, the more you’re given,
The less you lead, the more you’re driven,
The more destroyed, the more they feed,
The more you pay, the more they need,
The more you earn, the less you keep,
And now I lay me down to sleep.
I pray the Lord my soul to take
If the tax-collector hasn’t got it before I wake.

オグデン・ナッシュは、Dorothy Parker 同様New Yorker の編集者でした。先祖はFrancis Nash 将軍で独立戦争で戦死しています。



ナッシュの詩に戻ると、tax という単語は最後のヴァースにしか出てきませんが、各ヴァースで租税徴収に関して言及しています。以前、書いたかもしれませんが、名称が税となっているものだけが租税ではありません。

今日は、頑張って仕事をしようと思って朝からDead を聞いてます。

夕べは、Safe As Milk 。頭から聞き出すと最後まで行かないうちに寝ちゃうので、オーヴァーダブやCaptain のヴォーカルのないMagic Band の演奏だけのところから聞き出したのですが、最後まで到達する前に寝ちゃいました。
Captain Beefheart (Don Van Vvliet): harmonica, vocals,Alex St. Clair Snouffer: guitar,Jerry Handley: bass,John French: drums

guests :Ry Cooder: guitar,Russ Titelman: guitar,Milt Holland: percussion

アクースティック・ギターや12弦ギターもバックにいます。ナショナル・スティールやグラス・ボトル・ネックじゃなくて、Byrds とか Beach Boys , Buffallo Springfield で聞こえる音です。


13. Safe As Milk (Take 5) 、14. On Tomorrow 、15. Big Black Baby Shoes 、16. Flower Pot、17. Dirty Blue Gene、18. Trust Us (Take 9) 、19. Korn Ring Finger というボーナス・トラックはマジック・バンドですね。


1. Captain Beefheart And His Magic Band: Safe As Milk (1967, buddha)
2. Captain Beefheart And His Magic Band:Strictly Personal (1968, blue thumb)
3. Captain Beefheart And His Magic Band:Trout Mask Replica (1969, straight)
4. Captain Beefheart And His Magic Band: Lick My Decals Off, Baby: (1970, straight)
5. Captain Beefheart And His Magic Band:Mirror Man (1971, buddha)
6. Captain Beefheart : The Spotlight Kid (1972, reprise)
7. Captain Beefheart And His Magic Band:Clera Spot (1972, reprise)
8. Captain Beefheart And His Magic Band:Unconditionally Guaranteed (1974, mercury)
9. Captain Beefheart And His Magic Band:Blluejeans And Moonbeams (1974, mercury)
10. Zappa / Beefheart / Mothers: Bongo Fury (1975, discreet)
11. Captain Beefheart And His Magic Band:Shiny Beast(Bat Chain Puller) (1978, warner)
12. Captain Beefheart And His Magic Band:Doc At The Radar Station (1980, virgin)
13. Captain Beefheart And His Magic Band:Ice Cream For Crow (1982, epic/virgin)
14. Captain Beefheart:I May Be Humgry, But I Sure Ain't Weird (1992, sequel)
15. Don Van Vliet: Stand Up To Be Discontinued (1993, book + cd, ger)
16. Captain Beefheart :London 1974 (1994, portugal, movie play gold)
17. Captain Beefheart And His Magic Band:Grow Fins (1999, 5cd-box, revenant records revenant 210)
18. Captain Beefheart : The Dust Blows Forward (1999, warner archives rhino ) - anthology including one unissued track
19. Captain Beefheart:I'm Going To Do What I Wanna do: Live At My Father's Place 1978 (2000, rhino)
20. Captain Beefheart And His Magic Band:Merseytrout (2000, milksafe bf )
21. Captain Beefheart And His Magic Band:Dust Sucker (2002,milksafe bf )
22. Captain Beefheart: Magnetic Hands (2002, viper)
23. Captain Beefheart: Railroadism (2003, viper)
24. Captain Beefheart: Dichotomy (2003, ozitcd)
25. Captain Beefheart :Live 'n' Rare (2004, ozitcd)
26. Captain Beefheart :Live In The UK/USA 72- 81 (2004, viper lp)
27. Captain Beefheart And His Magic Band:Prime Quality Beef (2005, ozitcd )
28. Captain Beefheart: Magnetism (2005, lp)
29. Captain Beefheart And His Magic Band:Amsterdam '80 (2006, major league productions mlp12cd)
30. Captain Beefheart And His Magic Band: The Captain's Last Live Concert Plus... (2006, ozitcd)
31. Captain Beefheart And His Magic Band:Live london '74 (2006, emi)
32.Captain Beefheart And His Magic Band:Live At Bickershaw Festival (2007, cd, uk, ozitcd9006)
33. Captain Beefheart & Jim Morrison: Poet Rock Musicians Of The Desert (2007, 2cd, ozitcd)

Mirror Man Sessions のEPが抜けてますね。書いてる方が間抜けだからか。

’Lick My Decals Off, Baby' が再発されないのですね。LPでもかなり持っていたのだと思いました。


Warren Haynes とJack Bruce が共演しているのを聞いていると、Eric Claptonは、引き出しが少なすぎると感じます。ウォーレン・へインズもLittle Feat まではカヴァーできても、FZになると荒が目立ちます。
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eddie, a shouter


Simple Simon のイエスと徴税官の詩です。
Mathew the tax collector 。

      Pharisee and Tax Collector

A Pharisee prayed in temple
“I lead a life very simple.
I’m not greedy or dishonest.
Two days in a week, I fast.”

“I’m not an adulterer,
Or like that Tax Collector,
Who’s praying o’er there.
My income with you, I share.”

Behind him, the Tax Collector
Said like this in his prayer,
“God, have pity on me,
A sinner I’m, pardon me.”

Jesus told this parable,
To the crowd of people,
For them to find
This moral behind.

One, who feels great,
Will be humbled at last.
One, who feels humble,
He’ll be honorable.

Fleetwood Mac のThe Complete Blue Horizon Sessions を聞いてます。Peter Green が Love In Vain を歌っています。

Jeremy Spencer は、Elmore James スタイルで自分がスライド・ギターやピアノを弾きながら歌うとき以外は、参加していないのです。曲を覚える気がなかったのだそうで。

Danny Kirwin が参加している局も数曲あり。あと、Christine Perfect (独身でまだ大学生だったわけですが)が、ピアノを弾いている曲もあります。

夕べは、もう一度 'Safe As Milk' を聞いてました。
John French がドラムをやっているのは二曲ほどでしょうか。Ry Cooder だとはっきりわかるのもそれくらいですね。

Bob Lind とおなじThe Jack Nitzsche Sessions だと思えばいいのでしょう。

ジャック・ニーチェとライ・クーダーが出てくるから、同時期のStones を参照か・・・


Barry Miles 本を読んでいます。彼の直接インタヴューの部分は、非常に重要な資料的価値があると考えます。しかし、後半になると、自分の価値観を押し付けてくるのですね。



確かに、いつもテ-プ・レコ-ダ-を回して会話を録音し、それを音楽の中に入れ込んで利用するというアイディアや行為は、Don Preston がやっていたことです。






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