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2008年 05月 31日 ( 1 )

cry and moan, eddie

Etheridge Knight が自己紹介をしています。

      A Poem For Myself

    (or Blues for a Mississippi Black Boy)

I was born in Mississippi;
I walked barefooted thru the mud.
Born black in Mississippi,
Walked barefooted thru the mud.
But, when I reached the age of twelve
I left that place for good.
My daddy chopped cotton
And he drank his liquor straight.
Said my daddy chopped cotton
And he drank his liquor straight.
When I left that Sunday morning
He was leaning on the barnyard gate.
Left my mama standing
With the sun shining in her eyes.
Left her standing in the yard
With the sun shining in her eyes.
And I headed North
As straight as the Wild Goose Flies,
I been to Detroit & Chicago
Been to New York city too.
I been to Detroit & Chicago
Been to New York city too.
Said I done strolled all those funky avenues
I'm still the same old black boy with the same old blues.
Going back to Mississippi
This time to stay for good
Going back to Mississippi
This time to stay for good-
Gonna be free in Mississippi
Or dead in the Mississippi mud.

Etheridge Knight は、朝鮮戦争に従軍し、窃盗で7年間服役しています。

      Hard Rock Returns To Prison From The Hospital For The Criminal Insane

Hard Rock/ was/ "known not to take no shit
From nobody," and he had the scars to prove it:
Split purple lips, lumbed ears, welts above
His yellow eyes, and one long scar that cut
Across his temple and plowed through a thick
Canopy of kinky hair.

The WORD/ was/ that Hard Rock wasn't a mean nigger
Anymore, that the doctors had bored a hole in his head,
Cut out part of his brain, and shot electricity
Through the rest. When they brought Hard Rock back,
Handcuffed and chained, he was turned loose,
Like a freshly gelded stallion, to try his new status.
and we all waited and watched, like a herd of sheep,
To see if the WORD was true.

As we waited we wrapped ourselves in the cloak
Of his exploits: "Man, the last time, it took eight
Screws to put him in the Hole." "Yeah, remember when he
Smacked the captain with his dinner tray?" "he set
The record for time in the Hole-67 straight days!"
"Ol Hard Rock! man, that's one crazy nigger."
And then the jewel of a myth that Hard Rock had once bit
A screw on the thumb and poisoned him with syphilitic spit.

The testing came to see if Hard Rock was really tame.
A hillbilly called him a black son of a bitch
And didn't lose his teeth, a screw who knew Hard Rock
>From before shook him down and barked in his face
And Hard Rock did nothing. Just grinned and look silly.
His empty eyes like knot holes in a fence.

And even after we discovered that it took Hard Rock
Exactly 3 minutes to tell you his name,
we told ourselves that he had just wised up,
Was being cool; but we could not fool ourselves for long.
And we turned away, our eyes on the ground. Crushed.
He had been our Destroyer, the doer of things
We dreamed of doing but could not bring ourselves to do.
The fears of years like a biting whip,
Had cut deep bloody grooves
Across our backs.

Hard Rock といってもゼップではありません。

刑務所の精神病棟というと「カッコーの巣の上で」(原題'One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest’)というジャック・ニコルソン主演の映画を思い出します。
Ken Kesey の同名小説がブロードウェイで劇化され、映画の監督はMiloš Forman でした。オスカーを5つ受賞しています。


ポール・ニューマンの「暴力脱獄」(Cool Hand Luke)は、子供のときに見て強烈な印象が残っています。

色々ありますけど、『囚人狂時代 (新潮文庫) 』見沢 知廉 (著) などは、面白かったです。見沢氏は自殺してしまいましたが。


灰色領域が何かなんて大それたことには興味がないのですが、アメリカでは灰色とはいわずにbrown というのです。





Gimme Dat Harp, Boy というわけです。

夕べは、Dillards を聞いてました。今日は、Procol Harum 聞きながらの仕事です。

James Blood Ulmer です。ジミヘンと同い年ですが、25年前の迫力はなく、へ垂れブルースは悲しい。
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