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eddie answered his hero was Pop S.

Ogden Nash がコロンブスに難癖をつけてます。

      Look What You Did, Christopher!

In fourteen hundred and ninety-two,
Someone sailed the ocean blue.
Somebody borrowed the fare in Spain
For a business trip on the bounding main,
And to prove to the people, by actual test,
You could get to the East by sailing West.
Somebody said, Sail on! Sail on!
And studied China and China's lingo,
And cried from the bow, There's China now!
And promptly bumped into San Domingo.
Somebody murmured, Oh dear, oh dear!
I've discovered the Western Hemisphere.

And that, you may think, my friends, was that.
But it wasn't. Not by a fireman's hat.
Well enough wasn't left alone,
And Columbus was only a cornerstone.
There came the Spaniards,
There came the Greeks,
There came the Pilgrims in leather breeks.
There came the Dutch,
And the Poles and Swedes,
The Persians, too,
And perhaps the Medes,
The Letts, the Lapps, and the Lithuanians,
Regal Russians, and ripe Roumanians.
There came the French
And there came the Finns,
And the Japanese
With their formal grins.
The Tartars came,
And the Terrible Turks -
In a word, humanity shot the works.
And the country that should have been Cathay
Decided to be
The U.S.A.

And that, you may think, my friends, was that.
But it wasn't. Not by a fireman's hat.
Christopher C. was the cornerstone,
And well enough wasn't left alone.
For those who followed
When he was through,
They burned to discover something, too.
Somebody, bored with rural scenery,
Went to work and invented machinery,
While a couple of other mental giants
Got together
And thought up Science.
Platinum blondes
(They were once peroxide),
Peruvian bonds
And carbon monoxide,
Tax evaders
And Vitamin A,
Vice crusaders,
And tattletale gray -
These, with many another phobia,
We owe to that famous Twelfth of Octobia.
O misery, misery, mumble and moan!
Someone invented the telephone,
And interrupted a nation's slumbers,
Ringing wrong but similar numbers.
Someone devised the silver screen
And the intimate Hollywood magazine,
And life is a Hades
Of clicking cameras,
And foreign ladies
Behaving amorous.
Gags have erased
Amusing dialog,
As gas has replaced
The crackling firelog.
All that glitters is sold as gold,
And our daily diet grows odder and odder,
And breakfast foods are dusty and cold -
It's a wise child
That knows its fodder.
Someone invented the automobile,
And good Americans took the wheel
To view American rivers and rills
And justly famous forests and hills -
But someone equally enterprising
Had invented billboard advertising.
You linger at home
In dark despair,
And wistfully try the electric air.
You hope against hope for a quiz imperial,
And what do they give you?
A doctor serial.
Oh, Columbus was only a cornerstone,
And well enough wasn't left alone,
For the Inquisition was less tyrannical
Than the iron rules of an age mechanical,
Which, because of an error in '92,
Are clamped like corsets on me and you,
While Children of Nature we'd be today
If San Domingo
Had been Cathay.

And that, you may think, my friends, is that.
But it isn't - not by a fireman's hat.
The American people,
With grins jocose,
Always survive the fatal dose.
And though our systems are slightly wobbly,
We'll fool the doctor this time, probly.





アメリカは、民主主義の体現者であるという幻想を身にまとい、拝金主義の現世利欲的なキリスト教原理主義国家になっちまったのはどのあたりが、分岐点(the corner stone)だったのでしょうね。



夕べは、Dead のイギリス・ライヴを聞いていたら、3曲目までにぐっすり寝てしまいました。

今日は、The Small Faces を聞いてます。
個人的には、The Who よりSteve Marriott, Ronnie Lane コンビのこっちがはるかに好きです。
どちらも小柄で、Magic Migits なんてやってましたが。晩年は、どちらも恵まれず。早世していますね。

Keith Moon の後釜ドラマーがスモール・フェイシズ(フェイシズ)のKenney Jones になったというのは因縁か当然の帰結か。1980年以後のザ・フーに興味がないので何ともいえません。


神出鬼没のJohn "Rabbit" Bundrick がMallard のセッションにも参加しているのに気づきました。Mallard のレコーディングの手配をしたのは、Jethro Tull のIan Anderson だったからでしょう。

マラードの2枚のアルバム1.Mallard(1975) と2.In A Different Climate(1976) は、現在2in1で入手可能です。
Sam Galpin: piano, vocals。こいつが、疲れたカントリー・シンガー風で、マジック・バンドの正体も知らず、バック・グラウンドが違い、なんとなく歌っている。もっとも、ハイ・テナーとかJohnny Cash のような低音でも困りますが。こんなリード・シンガーじゃ売れっこない。

Bill Harkleroad: guitar 、Mark Boston: bass、Art Tripp III: drums [1]
それに John Thomas: keyboards [2]とGeorge Draggota: drums [2]です。

これにゲストとして、 John "Rabbit" Bundrick: keyboards [1]、Barry Morgan: percussion [1]、John McFee: pedal steel guitar [2](Van Morrison のTupelo Honey, 後年Doobie Brothers)が参加。
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