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an agent or a officer

Mireille Laborie の詩です。フランスの詩人です。

      Tax Ministries' Rhyme

I am the tax ministry slayer,
And I'm here to fix your vampirism,

Man, if you wait and count
This song all along with me,

This night, just for you,
It's gonna be very special Halloween,

From now, you'll be forever and more
A bloodless shadowed head man.

People! Pray for me to come.. ha! ha! ha!


Edna T. Helberg は、サウス・ダコタに住んでいたようですが、アメリカの物価は高い、税金も高いと・・・


It's the end of the year, after all the fun,
I realize now, there's much to be done.
My income tax, dreaded job of the year,
Enough money to meet it is all that I fear.

I gather the bills and all the invoices.
Oh, how I wish I had other choices.
Add, subtract and work thru the night.
At last it's done and I turn out the light.

I roll up my sleeves and write a big check.
I'd like to ignore it, but what the heck,
Uncle Sam needs every cent he can get.
There's never been a surplus of funds yet.

I live in America, where standards are high.
There plenty to enjoy till the day that I die.
I can keep what I have and cultivate more,
The many good things sort of even the score.

昨日の夜、スカパーで途中から見たので題名不詳ですが、Will Smith 主演の映画でも預金をIRSに押えられてホームレスになりながら、大手証券会社の試験採用期間を乗り切るというストーリーの映画をやってました。





アメリカにアフリカから奴隷としてアフリカ人を連れてきたのも東インド会社ではありますが、南北戦争、つまり、the Civil War も結局、イギリス資本(北部)対アメリカ民族資本(南部)の対立だったのじゃないかなと思います。


このあと、J. P. Morgan に代表されるイギリス・オランダ系の資本が本格的にアメリカに算入してきて、アメリカで産業革命が起こる。そのためのもっとも大きな資源が石油とそれを運ぶための鉄道というわけですね。


allan james saywell は、こんな詩を書いています。


The empire ruled the thirteen colonies
They controlled the sweetness of the sugar
And the acrid tobacco
They gave out the credit slips
So you could buy british, look after your own
Rice to europe, supply to the west indies
The rich grew richer, the poor grew poorer
No property, no vote no political power
The british and the french, had a seven year war
Tax the molasses, make the british rich, the colony poorer
Divide the poor, fatten the rich
They had a revolution, oh yeah
They had a revolution, oh yeah
Gather together the daughters of liberty
Sharpen the sword of independence
They drank the rye coffee, dined on bear venison
Spun together some flax and wool
The british said, lets have some duty free tea
Lets have a boston tea party, lets have a war
They ran through the briars, they ran through the brambles
They ran through the bushes, where a rabbit couldn't go
They ran so fast that the hounds couldn't catch them
Down to missisippy to the lake of mexico

Written Wednesday May 2005

and i wonder who's independent.
by nk24mdwst | 2008-04-25 12:30 | Tax Poems

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