夕べは、Captain Beefheart を聞いていました。Legendary A&M Sessions、Safe as Milk を聞いていたら寝てしまいました。しかし、あれだけHowlin' Wolf に似ているのも凄いものです。

飛行機の中では、FZのLost Episodeを聞いていて、ドラムとベースをオリジナルのJimmy Carl Black と Roy Estrada のものから Chad Wackerman たちのに、入れ替えたものがCD化されているRuben & the Jetts のオリジナル・ヴァージョンの曲があるのに気づきました。ちゃんと聞いとけよな、ですけど。

The Colours of Music by Jeremy Lee

Music wears blue suede shoes
Music has breakfast at Tiffany's
Music is all that blues
Music is in the navy

Music tastes like green onions with tea
Like the purple haze in the morning fog
Like the deep purple colour at the bottom of the sea
Like the big yellow taxi in the parking lot

POW! James Brown's soul shakes your bones
The Blue + Brown King~ never tells lies
Mmm. Brown sugar tastes sweet on stones
Van created the girl with brown eyes^

The white stripes of a zebra play in the grass
Eric Clapton* sits in his silver chair
The music wears plain white tees
While the white unicorn flies in the air

The black dog is back in black
Barking at the black magic woman
Red hot chilli peppers spice up your life
While 99 red balloons float into the night

This poem is called the colours of music because i have included names of bands and songs that I like which have a colour in their title.
I have originally written this poem for an English assignment but I decided to publish it as well as hand it in.

*Eric Clapton refers to his band - Cream, and i consider that a colour.
^Van created the girl with brown eyes refers to the song - Brown-eyed girl by Van Morrison
~Blue + Brown King refers to Blue King Brown - a band

Jeremy Lee は、この詩は「音楽の色」と呼ぶのは、好きなバンドや曲でその名前にに色を表す言葉を用いているものを入れてるからだと述べていますね。


ただ、Van Morrison のBrownーeyed Girl については、この歌の元の題名、あるいは、意図ってわかってるのかしらん。
by nk24mdwst | 2008-01-12 15:07 | 音楽

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