so, it's coming


Yes, finally, shipping has begun in full swing for Sierra's latest release, "GRAM PARSONS-THE EARLY YEARS BOX SET"!!

You can read all the detail information on this important release at the Sierra website:

With only 500 copies currently produced (not available in stores, other online websites like amazon, etc), there are less than 250 copies currently available at the special price of $52.98 (plus shipping & handling). This price ends on December 5, 2010 or if sold out before than. At this special price, you also will receive a Free Gram Parsons-Early Years T-shirt. After December 5 or if sold out before than, this T-shirt will not be offered for free or for purchase.

There is also another compact disc surprise not previously advertised that is also included with this set as a free bonus. All orders placed for the GP Box Set since first offered last year are receiving this special gift.

But you must act now and place your order to receive the Free T-shirt and the bonus Gram Parson CD.

You can place your order directly here with the "Add To Cart" button below but you will have enter your shirt size (Small, Medium, Large, XLarge, XXLarge, XXXLarge) manually in the "Message and Comments" box on the "BILLING AND SHIPPING INFORMATION" at checkout. If you prefer, you can also place your order directly at Sierra's secure website (, where you can select your t-shirt size from the pop up menu.

This price of $52.98 plus shipping and handling (counts as 7 items when calculating S&H costs) ENDS on December 5, 2010 or when sold out. After that the price is $65.98 plus shipping and handling but no free T-shirt or bonus CD disc.

On all orders outside the USA, for customs purposes, the Box Set is valued at only $19.00.

All Gram Parsons fans don't be left out, your last chance before Christmas to have this important release.

Blessings of the season,

John Delgatto, Founder/Owner

"Celebrating 40 years in 2011"

Sierra の勝手広告ページになりました。
by nk24mdwst | 2010-12-02 15:08 | 音楽

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