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John Delgadoさんからのメールをそのまま、転載しましょう。
Sierra Records の広告だから、構わんでしょう。

All the responses received so far have been tremendous from those of you who have already purchased and are enjoying the latest release from Sierra Records, "SILVER METEOR-A PROGRESSIVE COUNTRY ANTHOLOGY" as well as the other release, the great two instrumental albums on 1 CD by Homer and Jethro "PLAYING IT STRAIGHT/IT AIN'T NECESSARILY SQUARE" featuring the legendary mandolin playing of Jethro Burns.

There are many more Clarence White fans out there who have yet to purchase "Silver Meteor" which features the last four recordings by Clarence for his planned first but never completed solo album in 1973. You WILL want to have this CD in your collection! But most of the questions received have been about the closing track on the CD by the "Mystery Band". All I can say is that they will have to remain a mystery! Whoever they are (great reading the guesses being offered), their performance of Gram Parsons' "One Years From Now" is outstanding, some even think it is some early Flying Burrito Brothers recording.

The real surprise is the interest in the great Homer & Jethro CD! Not just from Clarence White fans but thanks to friends at from mandolin players around the world. As one such customer put it, "I had to purchase what is rightfully called the 'holy grail' of mandolin recordings. Read for yourself the review of these two great albums at these links:

Some of you have asked about the reason for Sierra's donation from the sale of this CD to the "Butch Baldarssari Scholarship" fund at Vanderbilt University's Blair School of Music in Nashville TN. Butch, who passed away last year after a long battle from a brain tumor, not only was a long time friend of Sierra but was THE person who encouraged me over the past decade to find these recordings and make them available. Back in the 90s, Butch almost became a Sierra recording artist but as Butch would often say, "All it takes is time and money". Something as it turned out neither of us could find. So to remember a good friend, hence the donation. Butch was an incredible musician, business man, and all around nice guy. You can visit the website that he started for more information about him, his music and recordings:

ヴァンダービルト大学のButch Baldarssari奨学金への寄付のくだりが気に入りました。

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