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Peter Green のアンソロジーは、特に私のようなものにとって新たな発見はないのですが、John Mayall をパスしてグリーンが歌っている曲だけ抜粋されているのがありがたい。
でも、前も書きましたが、同世代のMick Abrahams と比較すると声の衰えが目立つのですね。渋くて味があるなんていうより、聞いてて辛い。

一昨日の晩は、It's A Beautiful Day の二作を聞いていました。ファーストがエアプレーン、セカンドは、デッド風の音作りというのは褒めているのかけなしているのか。

FZのFrancesco Zappa を今朝、ちょっと聞いていて、まあバロック音楽をシンクラヴィアでやってるわけですが、これ、FZのクラシックというか西洋古典音楽というよりは、ネタはそうでも、ロックだなと。
同じシンクラヴィア作品のJazz From Hell は、FZの12バー・ブルース・ギター部分を除くと、基本的に彼のオーケストラ作品の延長線上のものですね。ジャズなんかじゃないです。


IRS gives pension plans fix for tax credit glitch

The Associated Press
Thursday, May 14, 2009; 1:52 PM

WASHINGTON -- The IRS on Thursday offered pension plans a way to fix a glitch that has been causing the new Making Work Pay tax credit to incorrectly boost pension payments to retirees.

Many retirees have been receiving additional money they are not entitled to, money that will have to be repaid at tax time next year, either through a smaller refund or a larger tax bill.

The glitch will still affect millions of other taxpayers who will continue to receive money they are not entitled to. The IRS said it is planning an outreach campaign to educate at-risk taxpayers, including married couples in which both couples work, individuals with multiple jobs and Social Security recipients who also have jobs that provide taxable income.

H&R Block tax chief leaves, shares at 8-year low
Thu May 14, 2009 4:28pm EDT

NEW YORK, May 14 (Reuters) - H&R Block Inc (HRB.N) said on Thursday its retail tax chief is leaving as part of a restructuring, after the largest U.S. tax preparer saw business decline at its roughly 15,100 domestic offices.

The departure of Timothy Gokey, who had been president of retail tax services since June 2004, was announced on a day shares of H&R Block fell to their lowest level since May 2001, closing down 30 cents, or 2.1 percent, at $13.98.

H&R Block shares have fallen 48 percent from their 52-week high of $26.75 set last Sept. 19, despite Chairman Richard Breeden's successful efforts to shed a money-losing subprime mortgage business and a securities brokerage, and focus the Kansas City, Missouri-based company on tax preparation.

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