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The Dillards はいわゆるトラディショナル・ブルーグラス・バンドであったことはなかったと思いますが、1960年代のハリウッドの音楽シーンにおける、その存在の意義を見出すことにはいみがあるかな?!

Herb Pedersen は、個人的に好きです。個人的以外にどう好きなパタンがあるか?!

タックス・シェルターについてTreasury inspector general for tax administration のリポートが出たのでそれについてのニュー・ヨーク・タイムズが報じています。
Treasury Faults I.R.S. in Handling Tax Evaders

Published: February 2, 2009
An Internal Revenue Service effort to flush out wealthy investors in abusive tax shelters has fallen short, according to a government watchdog report released on Monday.

The report, by the Treasury inspector general for tax administration, concerned investors in what was known as Son of Boss, one of the most sophisticated and widely used abusive tax shelters of the late 1990s through recent years.

It said that for the shelter, more than one in four, or 27 percent, of investors who enrolled in an I.R.S. program intended to root them out had later failed to pay their taxes on time, filed their returns late or failed to file them at all.
この記事の元のレポートは、Despite the Success Achieved, the Son of Boss Settlement Had Little Impact on Investor Filing and Payment Complianceです。

Treasury inspector general for tax administration というのは、財務省税務行政監察官というような感じですかね、訳すと。

ウォッチ・ドッグという表現が好きですね。この記者は。I.R.S.内部の番犬がNational Taxpayer Advocate, 外部の番犬がこちら、略してTIGTAと呼ばれています。


I.R.S. Is Said to Broaden UBS Inquiry

Published: February 2, 2009
The Internal Revenue Service, which is participating in a broad federal investigation into UBS and its offshore private banking services, is widening its scrutiny to include ordinary accounts owned by Americans who work overseas, according to a person briefed on the issue.

The expanded scrutiny, which is being conducted by the agency’s civil division, parallels a narrower investigation by the Justice Department’s criminal division into scores of wealthy American clients with hidden offshore accounts run by UBS.
Bailouts for Bunglers

Published: February 1, 2009
Question: what happens if you lose vast amounts of other people’s money? Answer: you get a big gift from the federal government — but the president says some very harsh things about you before forking over the cash.

If news reports are right, the bank rescue plan will contain two main elements: government purchases of some troubled bank assets and guarantees against losses on other assets. The guarantees would represent a big gift to bank stockholders; the purchases might not, if the price was fair — but prices would, The Financial Times reports, probably be based on “valuation models” rather than market prices, suggesting that the government would be making a big gift here, too.

And in return for what is likely to be a huge subsidy to stockholders, taxpayers will get, well, nothing.

Meanwhile, Wall Street’s culture of excess seems to have been barely dented by the crisis. “Say I’m a banker and I created $30 million. I should get a part of that,” one banker told The New York Times. And if you’re a banker and you destroyed $30 billion? Uncle Sam to the rescue!

There’s more at stake here than fairness, although that matters too. Saving the economy is going to be very expensive: that $800 billion stimulus plan is probably just a down payment, and rescuing the financial system, even if it’s done right, is going to cost hundreds of billions more. We can’t afford to squander money giving huge windfalls to banks and their executives, merely to preserve the illusion of private ownership.

Richard Manuel の歌声が終わり、John Simon とやり取りしてます。Stage Fright からは、The Band のセルフ・プロデュースというかRobbie Robertson が仕切るようになるわけですが、そのときのジョン・サイモンの一言。

The Essential Clarence White Bluegrass Guitar Leads (102-page spiral-bound book with 2 CDs)というのが出ていまして、思案中であります。ギターを引っ張り出して弾く時間は、あと一ヵ月半は、ないのですね。まあ、そのあと宿題が残っているし。

ロビー・ロバートソンとLowell George は、生まれ育ちのせいでしょうか、人間性が違う。

今日は、移動の車の中でThe Band を聞いていました。昔の愛聴盤ではありますが、なぜ、これがヒットしてThe Byrds のBallad Of Easy Rider が当たらなかったのか。
Captain Beefheart の1966年ごろの演奏の方がましに聞こえたりしまして。

ザ・バンドもバー・バンドなのですね。しかし、この音を聞いて当時の多くの人が気に入った。例えばEric Clapton 氏ですね。この音を目指して作ったのがDerek & the Dominosか。

Charlie Daniels Band には、Uneasy Rider なんて曲がありますが。


Daschle Ends Bid for Post; Obama Concedes Mistake

Published: February 3, 2009
WASHINGTON — Tom Daschle withdrew his nomination as secretary of health and human services on Tuesday after weathering four days of scrutiny over unpaid taxes, prompting President Obama to concede having “screwed up” in undermining his own ethical standards by pushing the appointment.

Among the people mentioned as possible candidates for the job of health secretary are Gov. Kathleen Sebelius of Kansas, a former state insurance commissioner; former Gov. John A. Kitzhaber of Oregon, a doctor; and Gov. Jennifer M. Granholm of Michigan. All are Democrats.


だまされたと思ってThe Dillards のエレクトリック・ヴァージョンを聞いてみると悪くないです。
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